Back in 2010, there were no local, fresh, sustainable, seafood markets in New York’s Capital District, so partners (in life and now, in business), Peter Kenyon and Dora Swan, decided to do something about it. It’s that simple!

Pete and Dora are grateful to have started in farmer's markets and parking lots back then, selling fresh sushi-grade seafood to an ever increasing and enthusiastic community. The Saturday Delmar Farmers’ Market was the first local venue to see fin® products. During that initial market season, the little fin® stand saw a line of returning customers 20 minutes long on the second Saturday they set up their tent, tables and cases to sell iced, fresh seafood. Word had spread fast! Because of their customer’s commitment to support the small, growing business, fin® continued to sell their seafood in Delmar in a customer’s hardware store parking lot during that first winter, pulling up in their refrigerated truck and setting up after spending hours cutting, packaging, labeling and pricing seafood for nearly 100 pre-orders and dozens of walk-up customers. These days, outdoor venues continue to fill the business calendar from mid-May to mid-October and special events, featuring fin’s prepared menu, take place all year round.

fin® has been a regional favorite since the doors first opened in Guilderland, having been named Best Fresh Fish/Seafood in the Hudson Valley and Best Seafood Market in New York’s Capital Region during that first year and Best Seafood Store, again, in 2017. The seafood selection is second to none, with fresh products being selected specifically for fin’s customers. The fin® quality assurance team at Fish Pier in Boston works closely with the business to assure that what comes in the early morning hours is the best of the day. Many of the vendors supplying products are small mom-and-pop shops, just like fin®, who belong to a growing community of folks committed to maintaining the health of the world’s oceans and environment with a commitment to sustainable wild and responsibly farmed fishing practices. Pete and Dora, through fin – your fishmonger®, were the first seafood retailers in Albany, NY's Capital Region to bring a voice to the seafood sustainability issue and they remain passionate about this issue, speaking at events by request.

Pete and Dora are involved in the everyday operation of fin- your fishmonger®, still behind the counter, preparing products and staffing farmers markets and events. When not personally sourcing seafood from trusted and reliable sources, they most enjoy interacting with customers, building trusting relationships and educating the community about seafood, the sustainability culture and seafood preparation. Their roots run deep in the Capital District, having raised their families in Niskayuna and Ballston Spa. Now a blended family, Pete and Dora are parents to four and Papa and Nana to seven grandchildren, all still living close to “home.”

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