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Our seacuterie platters make the gathering even more perfect, even if it's just for two.
gravlax platter with capers
shrimp cocktail platter

bring fin - your fishmonger to your gathering with our customized platters


smoked bay scallops

our naturally smoked products and spreads are an amazing addition to any platter

seafood poke with avocado

fin's salads are something special


Kindly give 24 hours notice for all platter orders. Large orders require 2 weeks notice.

We DO prepare items that are NOT on the lists below. Just ask!

***Prices (as of September 2023, below) are subject to change without notice***

Shrimp Cocktail Platters

Served with regular or habanero cocktail sauce & lemon wedges
Classic - Steamed until perfectly done! $45/lb (abt 25) ($27/lb.for add'l classic cocktail shrimp)
Poached Lemon - White wine, lemon and bay leaves $50/lb ($30/lb for add'l shrimp)
Roasted Garlic - Oven-roasted with olive oil & garlic $50/lb ($30/lb for add'l shrimp)



Oysters (East & West Coast) ~ $2.25 ea (shucked + 25 cents)

Oysters Rockefeller ~ $3.75 ea

Shucked Oyster Platter (12)

served on ice with regular or habanero cocktail sauce /mignonette/lemon

$45 for first dozen ($27 for each addt'l dozen oysters)



Alaskan King Crab Legs ~ market price
Snow Crab Claws ~ market price
Crab Meat (Lump) ~ $40/lb
Crab Meat (Jumbo Lump) ~ $60/lb

We bring in other crabby items for holidays and special events (Dungeness, Jonah, Stone, etc). Make sure you poke around our freezers or ask - we can often order in for you with enough notice. 

 Caviar (by the ounce) ~ market price

Interested in caviar? So are we! It's not something we stock every day but we are delighted to order it for you. Give us a week's notice and a price range. We'll bring in something delicious and decadent for you. No special occasion required!


Half-Bushel (200) Wild Clams ~ $155

Full-Bushel (400) Wild Clams ~ $300

Wild Clams by the dozen ~ $10

Stuffed Clams ~ $2.50 each 



Cold Water Maine Lobster Tails ~ 4 - 5oz = $35/lb 8 - 10oz + $54/lb (price changes often)
Whole Maine Lobsters ~ market price
Claw and Knuckle Maine Lobster Meat ~ $64/lb


Smoked Salmon Side (between 2-3lbs) ~ $18.50/lb

Smoked Bluefish ~ Maple Smoked Salmon ~ Smoked Bay Scallops ~ $17.50/$21/$23/lb

Shrimp (frozen: peeled & deveined) ~ $17.50/lb
Shrimp (fresh wild) ~ $18.99/lb

Seafood Salads and more!
Lobster Salad ~ $70/lb
 Italian or Spicy Thai Calamari Salad ~ $23/lb

Traditional Coleslaw ~ $8.00/lb
Ginger Slaw (no mayo) ~ $8.00/lb
Potato Salad ~ $8.00/lb
Cous Cous Salad ~ $8.00/lb
Seaweed Salad ~ $8.00/lb

The following seafood items can be prepared at home:

Mini Sweet Potato Salmon Burgers ~ $32/lb (approx 16)
Mini Crab Cakes ~ $44/lb (approx 16)
Seafood Risotto Stuffed Mushrooms ~ $36/doz
Bacon-wrapped Scallops ~ $45/doz