"Really enjoyed our lobsters tonight from fin. Surprised at how tender and juicy they turned out. Great quality."

"Excellent quality and freshness! Stellar selection, homemade condiments and sides...great staff! I can't say enough!"

"If you're not getting your fresh fish here, you need to start!!! Such an asset to the Capital Region!"

"This place was incredible! First, it was the CLEANEST fish purveyor I have ever seen. Zero fishy smell..."

"Best scallops ever! So sweet ! We pan seared them and served over a fresh citrus salad! Thank you Fin for such quality seafood!"

"Thank HEAVENS I got turned on to your EXCELLENT store and service! This year we got our littlenecks from you and I have to tell you....BRAVO! They were PHENOMENAL."

"Ric Orlando was on WAMC's Vox Pop Food Friday this week and the topic was seafood. He said the only place in the Capital Region for really fresh seafood was fin!"

'Best lobster roll! Great service and atmonsphere! A must!"

"We stopped on our way home today for your cocktail shrimp, and they were amazing. I have no idea what you cook them in, but they were worth every penny."

"I don't know what you do with your New England clam chowder, but it is the best I've had in a long time! Had the Jail Island salmon tonight, and looking forward to Copper River salmon soon! Thank you for bringing all this delicious food to the Capital District!"

"fini s hands-down the best fish place around. You won't buy seafood anywhere else. Plus Dora and Pete and their staff are lovely."

"It doesn't get any better than this lobster roll."

"Our Christmas Eve dinner was superb, quality shines through the taste. Customer service is phenomenal at FIN! Enjoyed second dinner on Saturday night! We love our neighborhood fishmonger."

"Your store is beautiful, the staff always kind, and prices are great. The day of our clambake, everyone just raved about the clams as being the best we've EVER had, that's quite something over a span of almost 50 years....they were so amazing all of them were eaten raw and the bushel was decimated in less than an hour...quite a feat for a small group of people primarily in their 70's and 80's. Everyone asked where we got them and I happily told them about you, your store, your mission statement, your products, and gave your website and your address. Word of mouth is huge, and I know our friends will be passing your info on to many others."

"Their sashimi grade fish and raw shellfish allow me to get my craving without laying out my paycheck at the local raw bar or sushi joint. I've had a couple different oysters from there, with Malpeque being my favorite. I've also sampled a couple types of salmon, herring, seaweed salad, etc... Everything that I've had here has been top notch, and worth every penny."

"I've had your fabulous sea scallops and tuna and delicious seasoned asparagus, and look forward to trying everything else. Thank you for bringing superior quality and integrity back to an area that sadly has lost most of its excellent bodegas and small local food businesses to the faceless big box conglomerates."

"Trout, clams, salmon or slaw. Always a wonderful variety of sustainable options. We are so lucky to have you in our hood. And I appreciate that you will poach my salmon, put it on my platter and decorate it for me. Thank you so much!"

"A friendly and helpful shop and the best place to buy fresh fish in the Capital Region."

"Great food. Reasonable prices. Love the fresh taste."

"Again and again we are reminded how lucky we are to have FIN in our neighborhood. The freshest fish always. Additionally, their New England clam chowder and lobster roll (among other in store delights) have become favorites, spoiling us when we are looking for a quick bite that we do not have to prepare ourselves. Do yourself a favor and shop there soon."


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